Falkirk can prepare for Peterhead properly thanks to Bairns Business Club

Thanks to The Bairns Business Club, Falkirk players will avoid a long trip on match day 21 of the Ladbrokes League One schedule – by heading north to Peterhead tonight.

The Bairns will get a good night’s sleep ahead of their clash at Balmoor — funded by club fundraising supporters group from the Falkirk business community.

It’s much appreciated by one of the current Bairns managers David McCracken who has spoken at previous breakfast meetings of the networking group.

The boss said: “At teams higher up it’s a given that anything more than a couple of hours travel it’s an overnight stay but sometimes clubs lower down the leagues are not able to do it as much so it is great that we are in a position, thanks to some assistance, to be able to do that. It helps us to prepare properly.

“We are going up the night before, and we’re fortunate in that because one of our big sponsors, the Bairns business club, is helping out with that and that’s great. We want to prepare as best we can.

Please book your places as soon as possible, thanks!

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