1 The Club is known as “The Bairns Business Club” (“The Club”)

2 Objects

The objects of The Club are: –
2.1 To create a network of business people who have an affinity with Falkirk Football Club (FFC) or are individuals who wish to take an active part in the Club.
2.2 To operate this network around social events that sustains the affinity with FFC.
2.3 To create a members database which can be accessed as a communication channel by FFC. Members agree to their details being included in the Club’s database which will also appear on the FFC official website.
2.4 To donate to FFC any financial surplus (as detailed in Clause 6.4.1).

2.5 To be non-political and non-sectarian. 2.6 To remain self-sufficient.

3 Membership

3.1 Ordinary Membership will be by invitation of the Management Committee following a majority decision by the Management Committee.
3.2 From time to time the Management Committee will invite Honorary Members. The decision to invite Honorary Members to join The Club requires a unanimous decision by the Management Committee.
3.3 Membership will be offered by the Management Committee in writing and members will confirm acceptance in writing. Acceptance of The Club’s Constitution and Rules will be a condition of membership.
3.4 The annual subscription of both Ordinary and Honorary Members shall be such sum as may from time to time be determined by the Management Committee. The annual subscription shall be payable on the 1st of June each year. The initial annual subscription shall be £150 which includes a selected corporate hospitality match.
3.5 In any matters where the Management Committee decide to consider a vote of The Club membership Honorary Members will not be entitled to vote.
3.6 Members will be registered on The Club’s database and also the Club’s database will appear on FFC’s official website on the dedicated Business Club section. Members agree to receive periodic communications from the Management Committee by way of invitations to participate in Club events. By accepting an invitation to join The Club members are agreeing to allow the Management Committee to provide access to The Club’s member database by FFC in the furtherance of its commercial activities.
3.7 All members have a duty to uphold the good name of The Club and FFC in all of The Club’s

events and are expected to behave in a way that enables The Club to function and flourish. 3.8 Removal of membership, either Ordinary or Honorary, will be at the discretion of the Management Committee. The decision to remove any member will require the unanimous decision of the Management Committee. The Club’s Chairman on behalf of the Management Committee will notify removal of membership in writing.

3.9 Members will be entitled to resign for any reason but must do so by writing to the Membership Secretary.
3.10 The Management Committee shall be entitled to terminate the membership of any member whose subscription remains unpaid three calendar months following the due date for payment.

4 Meetings

The Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place in the month of September. The Secretary will call the AGM by intimating to all members giving no less than 14 days’ notice. Standing agenda items for each AGM will include Chairman’s report, confirmation of office bearers, statement of accounts (for the preceding 12 months i.e. the accounting period is 1 Jun to 31 May) and any announcements or items as may be included by the Management Committee.

5. Management

5.1 The Management Committee will consist of Chairman, Treasurer/Secretary and a minimum of two other ordinary members up to a maximum of 4.
5.2 The Management Committee shall appoint such new Committee Members as the

Management Committee deems fit and appropriate. The decision to appoint a new
Committee member will require agreement by the majority of the Management Committee. The succession of office bearers will be discussed and in the first instance will be offered to other suitable members of the Management Committee. In the absence of candidates from within the Management Committee names will be proposed at the Management Committee meetings and individuals approached. The appointment of a new office bearer will require the agreement by the majority of the Management Committee
5.3 Management Committee meetings will normally be at a monthly frequency but their timetable will be established by the Management Committee at least 6 months in advance. Meetings can be more frequent as required. Minutes for each meeting will be circulated to the Management Committee, approved by a Management Committee proposer and seconder and held as formal record.
5.4 Management Committee meetings shall require a quorum of three members and in the absence of the Chairman will be chaired by any of the other Management Committee members as nominated by the Chairman.
5.5 The Chairman can invite non-management Committee individuals who can provide specialist skills, advice or other services to the Management Committee to any Management Committee meetings.
5.6 The Chairman and Treasurer/secretary will hold office for a period of two years. They shall be entitled at the end of the two year period, to offer themselves for re-election. They can be removed from office at any time by a unanimous vote of all of the other members of the Management Committee.
5.7 All other office bearers shall hold office for a period of two years. Such office bearers shall be entitled, at the end of the two year period, to offer themselves for re-election.
5.8 Any member of the Management Committee, whether office bearer or not, can be removed from the Management Committee, and/or The Club by a unanimous decision by all of the other

members of the Management Committee.
5.9 Any Committee Member wishing to retire from office shall require to give written notice to the Secretary of his intention to do so.
5.10 The Management Committee will consider any request, in writing, by the Directors of
FFC for the removal of any member from The Club and/or the Management Committee.
5.11 Any Management Committee decisions requiring a unanimous vote can include votes confirmed out with a meeting by way of fax, e-mail or in writing to the Management Committee.

6 Financial Arrangements

6.1 The financial year of the Club shall run from 1st June in each year.
6.2 The Club will hold monies on account according to its operating requirements. The Club
will not operate out with its financial means and will not engage in borrowing from financial entities.
6.3 The Club shall keep proper books of account and it shall be the duty of the Treasurer to comply with this rule and to present a financial report to each Annual General Meeting showing the financial affairs and intromissions of the Club and such further financial reports as the Management Committee from time to time requires.
6.4 The financial guiding principles of The Club are:
6.4.1 To donate to FFC any financial surplus from the Club’s activities as the Management

Committee shall determine. Acceptance by FFC of such surplus will be on the basis that the Club shall determine the particular purpose to which the funds are to be allocated.
6.4.2 To retain cash balances only to a level essential to the administration requirements of The Club.

6.5 The Club has no borrowing powers.
6.6 The members of the Management Committee have no duty as guarantors to The Club but have a duty to manage funds honestly and openly and would be liable to prosecution as individuals for any individual act of fraud or misappropriation of funds or collectively for any collective act of fraud or misappropriation of funds.
6.7 The Management Committee, from time to time, may adjust the financial arrangements
of The Club to ensure that the ongoing legal operating procedures and standing of The
Club remain in keeping with its mandate.

7 Alteration to the Rules

7.1 The Directors of FFC will approve any changes to the Constitution and Rules of The Club which have to be agreed by the Management Committee in the first instance.

8. Dissolution

8.1 The Club can be dissolved:
8.1.1 If FFC provides a dissolution instruction in writing to The Club Chairman.
8.1.2 The Management Committee by providing written notice of a Motion, duly proposed and seconded, given to the Secretary not less than 21 days before such an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club called for that purpose and at least two thirds of the Ordinary Members of the Club present and voting at such meeting are in favour of such a dissolution.
8.2 Any surpluses, at the time of dissolution, will be donated to FFC following agreement

by the majority of the Management Committee as to the particular purpose to which the funds are to be allocated.